Book Review: I’ve Got Your Number

I was allowed the privilege of readingI’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella in advanced reader copy format a month ago. Now, that it is available today, I can tell you how I liked it!

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While I enjoy (slog through) high-brow contemporary and classic literature on a regular basis (yeah, right), I do enjoy a fun chick-lit read every now and then. And what better time than at Valentine’s Day?

I loved this book! I love Sophie Kinsella’s heroines because they are always trying their hardest to get what they want, but they are also very caring and mostly honest people. They do tell a few little white lies along the way, but who’s counting? Poppy Wyatt is no different. Engaged to be married in only a couple of weeks, she finds herself without her engagement ring and in the mess of trying to find that, she loses her phone. Conveniently, she finds somebody’s discarded phone in the trash, and calls “Finders, keepers.” She soon gets entangled in sharing someone else’s (a workaholic man) inbox. What ensues is hilarious fun that leads to everyone’s happy ending. And the bumps are all worth it!

Have you ever tried to share someone’s texts and emails? It’s such a personal affair, and the idea of any stranger accessing my stuff is a little overwhelming. Poppy’s dependence on her cell phone makes this book a little more eye-opening to the technology crutch than I thought it would be. But Kinsella, once again, makes the what could just be another fluff book, a little bit deeper and a little bit more insightful. And that makes this book a great, fun read. Just literary candy. If it weren’t for all the texting, this book would make a great movie!

I rate this book 4/5.

Thank you to Edelweiss for allowing me to read the ARC e-book.


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