Celebrate Love

I will admit it. I love Valentine’s Day. I love pink and hearts and the celebration of love. Even though this is the case, E and I have not been able to spend Valentine’s together for years. Tonight, he is in class late onto the evening. I will wait to share pizza and our nightly catch-up session, much like most of our Tuesday evenings these days. He shows me he loves me everyday, not just today.

image by Sara Allen of onelove photography

So, what is a girl with a need to spread Valentine’s cheer to do? I spread it to my friends! This year, I went to the all too available holiday place, Target, and sent my friends Valentine’s Day cards. I baked banana nut muffins for the office while I swooned over Downton Abbey. (Oh, the posh drama!) I bought Starbucks twice in one week for the “Love” cups and thoroughly enjoyed the Cup Magic app.

personal photo

It’s a “Celebrate love” kind of day. Today and everyday. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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