I’m sure you all have noticed that the blog has changed up a bit. Most notably, I purchased my domain name of So, if you follow me in your Google Reader or on Blog Lovin’, you’ll have to change the URL to to keep reading my posts!

Also, I decided that since my blog has evolved from strictly book reviews to more of a general life blog, the title should be closer to that. I will still do book reviews because I still like to share books, but I just want the blog to encompass more than that, and I think “Ayestria Abridged” is more reflective of that.

Lastly, I added a second page on to my blog, My Goodreads Reviews. It is a widget from goodreads that lists 100 of my book reviews from the goodreads site. I will be working on adding links to the reviews I’ve posted on this blog before. I will also attempt to add short reviews of the books on the goodreads site that will transfer onto the page, and will give you an idea of what the books are about without me posting about every single book I’ve read in the past. In short, it saves me a lot of time, but still allows me to share books with you. YAY!

I hope you will continue to read my blog, and that you like the new digs!


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