Happy. Healthy. 2012 Update #1

Oh, my! My year has already been a whirlwind, and I can’t believe that two months have passed. And, I don’t believe the next ten will slow down, and definitely not the next four, for sure. But I thought it would be good to pop in with an update of my 2012 resolutions.

  1. Become more financially mindful. I certainly have worked on this. I am much more mindful of my spending, and I think a lot about purchases. I used to go shopping whenever, and was at Target at least once a week. I haven’t been to Target in at least three weeks now, and I only go when I know I need to. And I don’t necessarily miss it. I have been working on my savings and have a monthly financial plan that I am mostly sticking to. It could be better, but there is a wedding going on. I’ve also cut back on the grocery store, and have a better plan when I go. All of these things have contributed to a resolution almost met.

    image via money.howstuffworks.com

  2. Clear up the clutter. Laundry is being done more frequently and gets put away. Mail is mostly taken care of on a daily basis. Everything else…Well, I’m working on it, but not as much as I should be. But once a week, I do a pretty aggressive clean-up, and that seems to help. I still have a crazy closet to tame.
  3. Read more and enjoy reading.I haven’t read half an hour everyday, but I have finished 3 books since the New Year and have reviewed them all! I decided to take a break and re-read The Hunger Games since the film is coming out this month. My cousin and I are fiercely trying to win tickets to the premiere (It’s unhealthy, really.) I have at least 15 books that I own or have borrowed that I have yet to read. So, I’m not adding anything to my list for a little bit. I should be good until September!

    See the resemblance? images via book-clipart.com

  4. Blog better. I’ve made some changes around here, and I’m pretty proud of what this blog has turned into since last year. I still have yet to get back to regular posting, but I think I’m taking the right steps.
  5. Exercise better. Eat better. Live healthier. So much success! I have been bringing my lunch more often! I’ve been better at refusing unnecessary food just because it’s free. Our little group at work has been hitting the gym more frequently, and while it’s only half an hour almost daily, it’s been a productive, energizing half hour. And my cousin and I have decided to ramp it up, and we’re going to add a few longer evening workouts in each week as well! I’m pretty excited about this, as I have been seeing results and feeling better everyday.
  6. Be Ayesha. I like this resolution. I see movies I want to see. I call my friends more. I send out holiday cards. I read more. And I stay in when I want to.
  7. Help E with his goals. The best way to do this is stay out of his way. But I am seeing that he is achieving things he wants to and he asks for help when he needs and wants it, not when I want to help him. This year is going to be a great one for him. It’s already apparent. 

When I look at this list of successes, I feel pretty proud and excited for the rest of the year. March is going to be a crazy month, so I hope I can keep everything up and even get better. How is your 2012 going? Please let me know with a comment! Thanks!


2 responses

  1. You have great goals and I’m impressed with all your success (especially in exercising and living better!). You are awesome 🙂
    Peace and Grace,

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