Currently On My Mind

1. I am so very excited for my bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas that begins tomorrow!

2. My cousin, K, is flying down from Seattle in the early morning to spend a week down here with us and I couldn’t be happier about it. She’s really a sister.

image via Google Maps

3. Work has been crazy, but so productive and gratifying.

4. Next week, I am going to start taking the train again. While my cousin and I love spending time together, the extra long drive to work isn’t really helping either of us. I hope I can get back to reading more regularly again and feeling better when I get home.

5. E got us a Kinect to go with his shiny brand new Xbox. 360 that he got as a Christmas present. I’m having a lot of fun with the dance games. Although, both of us look pretty ridiculous.

image via Amazon

6. Temple Run for iPhone is driving me crazy! I love it and I hate it, and it makes me miss two things: Indiana Jones and Super Mario Brothers. Nerd alert!

image via

7. My Girl Scout cookies are dwindling, which is a good and bad thing. I will be paying for those cookies for a long time in the gym. And I will be missing those cookies like crazy for another year.

8. I have a BIG coupon to Banana Republic. I hope I can resist it for the weekend.

9. Ebay is having a Coach Factory Sale! I finally got over the burn from Kate Spade and have ordered a truly grown-up girl purse. It may be boring, but I have a feeling it will last for several years, when again, I will feel the itch for good strong purse.

Ashley Leather carryall by Coach; image via


2 responses

  1. a) i’m so jealous you are going to vegas!!! you guys will have so much fun
    b) i love dance video games (even though I too look like an idiot) and temple run which is ridiculously addicting
    c) the coach purse isn’t boring, i actually love it a lot. Very adult and chique 🙂

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