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I wonder often if I have a problem. And that is sleep. I go to sleep around 10 or 11 every night and usually do not wake up before 6 every morning. In some cases, I sleep until 6:30 even. I feel like this might be excessive sleep for someone my age. I have friends and colleagues who only average 5 hours of sleep a night. And I wonder why I can’t do that. I don’t take naps, and I don’t usually wake up feeling tired. I keep trying to set a goal to wake up earlier, but I don’t because my body isn’t ready to wake up yet. Am I a less functioning adult because I sleep like an eight year old?

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And the other weird thing is, I need that much sleep almost every night like my need to eat regularly. I feel like E is always living off of reserves. He only eats one big meal a day and doesn’t feel hungry again until the next day around dinner time. And he sleeps for most of the weekend, and only sleeps a few hours a night during the week. When I asked him about it, he says that he feels rested from the weekend. Is that even normal?

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Am I strange for requiring and giving my body nearly 8 hours every night? Am I missing out on more of life because I’m sleeping? I will say this, though. I rarely feel tired during the day, unless I had a bad sleep the night before. I usually only need one cup of English Breakfast tea to get me through the day. And again, I don’t nap. (I never did, even in pre-school.)

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Or, am I the one that’s doing it right? I find very few things so important that they can’t wait until the next day. I try to stop screen time as early as possible. And I wonder if my wedding projects would be done by now if I just gave up some sleep. Besides work, the wedding, and E, I have few responsibilities that take away my sleep. And I know eventually, a time will come when I will be low on sleep, so I might as well sleep while I can, right?



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  1. You are totally doing it right! Getting through a day at work, tired is terrible and you are so lucky that most days you are not thinking about coming home and crashing on the couch. And for your wedding stuff… it will all happen. If it is really important it will get done. Don’t sacrifice your sleep to it done now. You want to look back on your engagement as a happy energetic time, not at a energy sucking time. Keep on sleeping!

  2. I agree with my big sister, you’re doing it right. I need to get 8 hours of sleep every night too, if I don’t, I get sick. And I’m not just talking a little cold, I’m talking can’t get up and go to work because I feel like I’m dying sick.

    Like Caitlin said, everything WILL get done, it’s all about prioritizing and making sure you enjoy the time you spend planning the wedding and doing all other things you have to do.

    So glad there is somebody else in the world who needs that much sleep 🙂

  3. yeah i did a speeh about not getting enough rest. most adults range fom 8 to 5 hours of sleep a night. it really just varies per person how much sleep they need depending on their work load. sounds like you’re getting the perfect amount of sleep. for erik’s sake, i would try to get a more regular sleep schedule. it doesn’t help to “fill in sleep” on the weekends. it actually screws with him more to do that because it doesn’t allow for any consistency.

    • Thanks for your input Sister! I think E will be better when he has a more regular life schedule with a job that he has to be at every morning at the same time, instead of a crazy school schedule. And the absence of homework will help as well. Love you.

  4. Sleep while you can because someday there will be children running around your house and you will look back on this post and laaaaaaugh at yourself for worrying about getting “too much sleep”. Enjoy it while it lasts, my friend.


  5. Hell, I get 10 hours if I can help it. Your body tells you how much sleep you need, and that’s that! Everyone has different sleep patterns, each is natural to that person. Don’t fret because yours is different to other people you know. It just means you need that much sleep to function and they don’t. Different bodies, different lifestyles, different everything 🙂

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