How To Make Your Man’s Breakfast Even Better

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Star Wars pancake molds by Williams Sonoma! OK, so depending on who you are, this could also make your breakfast even better. There are three molds in a pack. One pack comes with a Storm Trooper helmet (pictured above), Darth Vader’s helmet, and Yoda’s head. The other pack I have has the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star, and a TIE Fighter. After some difficulty with the batter I was using and the molds, I decided to only try three shapes. Here is the Millennium Falcon:

Yoda was a bit of a casualty:

Tips to avoid a brainless Yoda (where most of the Force lies).

1. Use a non-stick griddle (duh), but also spray some non-stick on the mold rims.

2. Use a thinner batter, and try to control how much batter goes in the mold. Maybe these are meant to be Star Wars crepes. How’s that for manly?

3. Take a butter knife and run around inner edges of the mold to release the pancake from it right before you’re ready to flip. Otherwise, you might lift the mold and the pancake, too!

E was pretty happy even though these were a little mangled. It was fun making them, and I hope they will work out a little better next time!


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  1. BEST PANCAKES EVER! I am totally jealous. Can we have a Start Wars/breakfast food marathon please? I haven’t seen the movies in a while and being able to watch them WHILE eating pancake versions of characters would basically make my life complete… Eh, Pacha?

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