“Bread. Butter. Cheese. Victory!”

Caitlin and I took the one free weekend we both had and immediately filled it. And what was on the top of our Bestie Saturday list? The Grilled Cheese Invitational in Pasadena!

That’s right. Grilled Cheese galore. There were free samples from Cabot Creamery, Izze, Boulder Canyon Chips, and Fuze.

personal image all Instagrammed

Pepper Jack makes my life, kids. Especially all melted and delicious like in wheat bread. They also gave us an extra sharp Cheddar sample. That was very tasty, but the cheese was a little dry at that point. The Pepper Jack won this round.

After we were done with the free samples, we walked around and tried to decide which samples from which trucks we should try, all while listening to a guy play bass with a balloon and one string. It was kind of fascinating for the two music nerds. Whie everyone was in line talking about what sandwich they wanted, we were talking about the unique Midi-like tone of the balloon and string. We refocused and got two sample from the Rebel Bite: a shitake mushroom and blue cheese sandwich, and the meatier Karl Marx, which featured short ribs, bolognese sauce, caramelized onions, and cheddar. The Karl Marx was actually too sweet for me. I much preferred the tangier bite that came with the mushroom sammie. And I don’t even like mushrooms! It was so good. Karl Marx by the Rebel Bite pictured below.

personal image

We sampled one more sandwich, at a stand whose name I don’t remember (blogger fail). It was a scrumptious mozzarella, tomato, and pesto grilled cheese sandwich. We sat in the shade and listened to original (read: questionable) poems about cheese and grilled cheese. There were several rounds of cooking competitions, but Caitlin and I weren’t judges, and we didn’t think it would be worth it to stand in the sun in a crowd where we would see less than we were seeing sitting down in the shade.

We ended our visit to the Invitational with ice cream from Cool Haus! Caitlin was a little intimidated by the flavors, but I think she liked it. Fresh peanut butter cookies make most things less intimidating. =)

All in all, it was a great day. We didn’t eat too much, and what we ate was great. I would have liked to try more, but I was comfortably full. I didn’t want to be so full that I felt sick. I was drawn to the trucks that offered a $2 quarter sandwich sample rather than only a $7 sandwich option. It made it easy to try more, and share with my best friend.

It’s definitely an event I would return to in the future. What’s your favorite grilled cheese sandwich? All “recipes” welcome. Thanks!


2 responses

  1. wooooooow this sounds YUM-MAZING!!! (hehe see what I did there?)

    I love pepper jack cheese too!!! out of all the cheeses (which I love oh so dearly) it is definitely in my top five favorites.

    If you guys go next year, I want to join 🙂

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