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Hey everyone, I know I’ve been away getting married and all, but that doesn’t mean I stopped reading! Now, I’m not going to pretend that I read high-brow literature when I was avoiding last minute wedding projects or traveling to Costa Rica, but it was fun to relax and read books that have been on my lost for a while. Here’s what I’ve read and am currently reading.

1. Divergent

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2. Insurgent

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3. Commencement

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4. The Tower, The Zoo and The Tortoise

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4. Anna Karenina (halfway)

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6. Paris, My Sweet (just started)

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Reviews are coming soon!


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  1. A couple days ago I was on your GoodReads profile and saw that you had given Divergent a pretty good rating. I decided to order a copy for myself because I LOVE those types of books (the dystopia and apocalypse ones) so I’m crossing my fingers that your blog review will be as good as the book’s rating on GoodReads!

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