Shopaholics Stand Together

No, this isn’t a book review about a Sophie Kinsella book. This is about my friend – a person who understands the rush of a good purchase, who texts me about deals on everything, who has great style – and her promise to not buy shoes or clothes until January 1 of 2013. It was one of those, “God, if you help me with this, then…” promises. The kind where even God wants to see you try to pull this thing off so he helps you out with some miracle. Seriously.

She can’t go shopping for clothes or shoes. Sadly, I think it might be affecting me worse than it is affecting her. (Probably not.) I had sympathy pains at first, because I hadn’t been shopping since before the wedding. And then, I went to Banana Republic and released a can of worms that ended at Forever 21, like I was making up for a fallen soldier or something. After shopping, I became very concerned for her because she wouldn’t be able to obtain the rush of buying a new outfit that I had just experienced.

In truth, I’m kind of panicky about the idea of me giving up shopping for half a year. I mean, what if I need a miracle, too? God probably wouldn’t grant it unless I included books and extended it to a year.

Obviously, this is admission of a problem. And I am also being slightly facetious (only slightly). Any other shopaholics out there? How do you handle giving things up cold turkey? Should I join Shopaholics Anonymous?


2 responses

  1. I went shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Pre-Sale last week… and this week. I think I have a problem too. But if shopping this much is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

  2. I have a new strategy to curb my spending. Take pictures of what I want to buy… it makes me feel like it would be easy to go back and get it if I really need it but I have some time to figure out if I am just spending money or buying something I will use.

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