Goombas, Mushrooms, and Marriage

Since E and I don’t have cable (which does not prevent us from watching quality TV a day later) we find other ways to entertain ourselves and to spend time together. Even though we both have a little bit of alone time after dinner, we usually reconvene to talk about the day and do something fun for awhile before I start falling asleep in my seat. Our first Married People Activity was playing (and beating) the New Super Mario Bros. on Wii.

image source

This is a game that I’ve wanted to play for a long time because it’s the only game besides Tetris that I really enjoy playing. I like the simple things, like being able to see where my character is and which way he is facing. Speaking of characters, I always play as Luigi. E has been very nice in offering for me to be Mario, but I have always had a soft spot for Luigi’s gangly awkwardness, even if it means his spatial jumping is stunted.

We are almost finished with the game (Those secret worlds sure are a surprise. *sarcasm*) And after having done this, I have discovered a few special talents and observations as a video game player.

1. I have a special ability of having my character die a stupid death. This is evidenced by the sixty-two “Continues” I have. That’s 5 lives for every Continue. Which means over the course of this game, not mentioning the times we both totally died resulting in a Game Over, I have died 310 times.

2. As in life, I am a strong believer in assessing the situation before I make a run for it. I probably wasted 7 seconds at every major jumping point trying to figure out how not to die doing it. I don’t think that strategy really worked, judging by the amount of Continues I have up above.

3. Sometimes, it’s just better to die and let E/Mario get it done. As in life, sometimes, it’s just better to shut up and hide when E is vacuuming.

4. This is a serious one: I am good at using the fireball power and keeping it. As a relic of the original games, fire balls are one of the greatest tools in moving forward in a game. When E couldn’t get a handle on what angle to shoot from, I had already killed the goomba or flying turtle. And water levels stink without a fire ball power up. On the other hand, I stink at any other significant power-up, like flying, ice balls, and Penguin suit. I immediately lost those powers or didn’t use them to their full advantage.

image source

5. This is another serious one: I am best at figuring out the trick to the Boss levels and telling E how to take out the Boss (main enemy). Related side-talent: I am good at dying during the Boss meeting so that E can revive me, and I can use temporary immunity to jump on their heads.

6. E’s very special talent: He is very patient and encouraging to the inexperienced gamer, and lets me take the power ups once in a while.

Playing this game has been fun, but I don’t think I’m cut out for any more full-fledged video games. A lot of E’s games look scary, and first-person shooter makes me dizzy. And even though he is very supportive and encouraging, I can tell that I slow him down tremendously and he isn’t able to fulfill all the little goals within the levels, like getting all 3 star coins, which he can do by himself.

We decided our next Married People Activity will be to read a book together. Guess who got to decide that one? 😉

We’re going to read The Hobbit together.

Have you stepped outside of your comfort zone to do something fun with your significant other? What did you do? How did you like it?


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