25 Before 25

23 was a bit of a crazy year. It was totally awesome in a lot of ways. Getting married was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I am so proud of us. It was also quite challenging in a lot of ways. I peeled back another layer in my understanding of family. I grew up a lot. I held a full-time job in a field I want to be in, and made serious professional goals for myself. I read a lot, but not as much as I wanted to, and I changed up the idea of my blog. Life is still in limbo to an extent, but I feel that 24 to 25 is the year to get more settled in, to figure some things out, and to do a little more adventuring.

So, even though this is a few days late, this is my 25 before 25 list! It’s broken down into a few categories, and there will be a page with a tab above where you can follow my progress. There will be blog posts that go with completing tasks and tasks in progress as well.

25 Before 25: Ayestria Edition

Adventuring With My Husband:

  1. Go camping in the desert
  2. Visit a new city, preferably requiring a flight
  3. Go target shooting
  4. Ride a horse
  5. Begin planning and saving for a serious international vacation
  6. Learn to ski
  7. Hike all the way up to the lookout of Devil’s Slide in Idyllwild


  1. Finish my Weddingbee recaps
  2. Blog everyday for one month
  3. Participate in and complete a Photo a Day Challenge

Fun and Crafty

  1. Attempt 3 crafts from Pinterest
  2. Plan and host a themed party
  3. Learn to sew
  4. Make an honest attempt at decorating whatever home we live in come September 9, 2013
  5. Design and order wedding albums

Challenge Myself

  1. Make a stride in my professional life.
  2. Lose 15 pounds
  3. Recipe plan every week for one month
  4. Eat a nice dinner out alone
  5. Don’t buy clothes, shoes or books for one month
  6. Attempt 5 recipes from Pinterest
  7. Do one crossword puzzle a day
  8. Read Atlas Shrugged
  9. Study for and take the GRE
  10. Run (actually run) another half-marathon

What do you think of my 25 list? Is there anything you would like to complete before your next birthday?


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