Update From the Road

Greetings from a plane! I’ve never enjoyed a flight with wifi before, so I couldn’t resist getting it for tonight’s flight.

I know I have been fairly absent on the blog lately, but I have pretty great reasons (at least I think so). A lot of it has to do with the 25 Before 25 list, and developments from it. I am working on checking some stuff off of that list.

In the “Challenge Myself” section, I have already crossed one thing off my list!

1. Make a stride in my professional life.

That’s right! I recently applied for and was offered a promotion where I work. For some, it may have seemed like a no-brainer, but it took me a little while to build up my confidence to apply. I’m really happy that I pushed myself to do it, because here I am, with that new job! I am facing lots of new challenges, but I am really glad to be given the opportunity and trust to handle them.

I do have to travel a little bit this season to get my feet wet, which is why I am blogging from a plane! Anyways, this travel will help contribute towards a few things on my list, such as:

19: Eat a nice dinner out alone

22. Do one crossword puzzle a day

2. Visit a new city (with my husband), preferably requiring a flight (racking up those points!)

So, I am feeling fairly confident in my list, and excited to see how this next year develops.

OH! I am also attempting to cross off:

10. Participate and complete a photo-a-day challenge.

I feel like I have been taking less pictures lately, and not enjoying things I see as much. I’m hoping this challenge will get my creative juices flowing, and give me reason to blog more regularly, as well. I’m participating in Our Wired Lives’ 2012 October Photo Challenge!

image source

I don’t plan on using a camera. I will use my phone, mostly in Instagram, but maybe I’ll mix it up. I will be tweeting my pictures with #OctPhotoChallenge and also posting them here once a week. If you would like to participate, jump on over to Our Wired Lives via the link above, and let us know that you’ll be participating!

What’s been up with you all? Any news?




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