October Photo Challenge Week 1

I’m participating in Our Wired Lives October Photography Challenge! I am not a great photographer. I just don’t take the time to stop and frame a photo or see shots everywhere. This challenge has given me the opportunity to think about my surroundings and what I am seeing on a daily basis. I find myself really thinking about what I want to do with each prompt. I’ll be posting weekly with photos I’m taking with my phone and Instagram (the camera I always have with me).

10/1: Self Portrait

I had been traveling all day and had just arrived at my hotel. I captioned this as “Life right now.” In a hotel, catching up on work and blogging. And, clearly, very serious.

10/2: Fashion

Boots! I was so excited to be in a place cold enough to wear my boots, essential fall/winter fashion.

10/3: Home

Being away from home, and away from my obvious picture (E or something obviously related to him), I was feeling a little homesick and hadn’t figured out what my “home” picture was going to be. When looking for dinner, I found this Yogurtland, new to the area I was in. It instantly reminded me of yogurt dates at home with E when we lived just down the street from one. (And I got a yogurt too!)

10/4: Love

A physical representation of love and commitment.

10/5: Sunset

This is an old one from this summer. I take a lot of pictures of the sky from my dirty car. Not while driving! Pretty spectacular, huh?

10/6: Animal

Is there any other animal I could choose? I mean, really. This token was a birthday gift.

10/7: From a distance

The castle! I love the twinkly lights at the bottom of this photo, and the lights from the Carousel coming through the gate. Already wanting to go back. Sigh.


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