Oh, Los Angeles

And here is your downtown LA story for the evening.

The pretty version; image source

This evening, on my drive home, a man was lying in the right lane of eastbound Wilshire Boulevard, right next to Westlake/MacArthur Park. It appeared that he had been hit by a car and the driver was calling 911, pacing the lane to keep traffic from running the guy over.

As I waited the 10 minutes it takes me to make that turn, I watched as an ambulance came. Within 30 seconds of seeing the ambulance, I saw the “injured” man run up the sidewalk past me. The paramedics clearly did not get that this guy was faking it or possibly mentally ill, so they tried to wrangle him and examine him, while blocking the major intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Alvarado Street. As they tried to corral him, he did a little shuffling dance up Wilshire to escape their helpful hands. And to be honest, it didn’t seem like the paramedics didn’t really want to catch him, otherwise they would have.

The corner in question; image source

Then the cops got involved and I finally got to make my left turn. And I proceeded on my way home. Just another day in LA, my friends.




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