Catching up on a Classic

I am finding it astonishing how many books I missed as a child and teenager, especially because I was a voracious reader. But here I am wondering how I totally missed The Giver as a kid. I wasn’t completely deprived of Lowry’s great work growing up. Number the Stars just might top my list of favorite books when I was a child. But, it seemed strange that I never read this book that so many people are required to read as children. So, I put it on my nook and decided that another week of traveling would be the perfect opportunity to dive in.

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Jonas is a boy living in a very organized society. Everything is tidy, rules are strictly followed, and everyone’s life is seemingly dictated from birth. Most everyone knows what to expect, and the assignment ceremony for the twelve year olds is the only moment of slight uncertainty for the community. And even that is fairly predictable, when each twelve-year old finds out which job they will train for to contribute to society. But Jonas receives a very unique assignment that is the most important job in the community, the Receiver of Memories.

Jonas begins training with the Giver to find that the perfect, organized life he has known all his life is lacking. In receiving memories, his world opens up to all the possibilities that life can have, good and bad. And Jonas begins to deeply question the life around him.

If I say much more, I’ll give away too much. But I really did love it, and hope that you give this book a look, even for second or third time. It’s wonderful. And there is now a series of books. I don’t think there was a series when I was a kid, but there are three more books in the series: Gathering Blue, The Messenger, and Son. I will definitely be reading these books as well.



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