Discovering New Reads

If I could read all day, I would. And I would never even scrape the surface of all the amazing fiction that exists. From the Greek tragedies to the latest Barbara Kingsolver novel (out November 6th!!!), there is so much literature. So much to read. And there is always new fiction coming out as well. It’s hard to keep up.

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So, I really like it when you can see what the top choices in fiction, non-fiction, and memoir are for the year. Since, we are getting close to the end of the year, Goodreads has sent out its nominees for best books of 2012 by genre. I can’t rightfully vote in this contest because I haven’t read all the books, but what I can do is browse the nominees and add them to my to-read list. I spent some time doing this tonight. Thanks to Goodreads, I now have 3 new books, 1 on pre-order, and 10 more waiting to be rotated in. I’m looking forward to great, new literature, but I’m also trying to keep up with some older selections I’ve been putting on the back-burner for a while.

I’m looking forward to the mildly cool weather, because I’m going to just read and read and read. And no one can bother me about that. And of course, I will let you in on the gems that really stand out. Maybe I’ll even get through some of my back-burner books too! Don’t e surprised if you see 6 or more books on my Currently Reading tab. The more important thing is that I am reading.

How do you select which books you will be reading?


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  1. I keep a running list on my phone of all the books that have been recommended to me so I can try to get them at the library (or I ask for books for Christmas!). But I’ve got a ton of books already that I haven’t read, and if I don’t have time to get to the library I totally just pick some at random and stack them on my nightstand and go through them in order. 🙂

  2. I also keep a list on my phone but I rarely justify buying new books because I have 100’s of books waiting on my bookshelf. I also use my mom and her friends (who read sooo much) to tell me what new fiction is worth reading. Caitlin wait to start our book club book!

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