November Movies

I’m kind of a nerd for movies. I really like going to see a film, and I don’t discriminate much. I watch chick flicks, indies, documentaries, big star-filled blockbusters, and animated films meant for kids. And I usually cry at most of them. The only movies I shy away from are crude comedies and horror films. So, with lots of movies coming out by Christmas, I thought I’d share some of the ones I’m looking forward to or have already enjoyed recently.

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1. Argo

I haven’t seen Ben Affleck in a movie in a long time. I was worried that this film was over-hyped and wouldn’t be very good, but it was so entertaining, and a thoughtful film. Even E enjoyed it, and he is a film skeptic, or at least when it comes to my movie choices, he is.

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2. Cloud Atlas

We saw this film yesterday. I have to admit, that whenever E would like to go see a movie, it’s something I’ve never heard of or really have interest in, but I am always pleasantly surprised when we finally see it (except for Sucker Punch, but I”ll let that slide). This film was no different, but it definitely had a mix of strong and weak stories. Jim Broadbent was adorable, Tom Hanks might have overstretched himself, and Hugh Grant really should do not other accent but his own English one. Halle Berry was lovely, and Jim Sturgess is back on my radar as a lovable. We both enjoyed it, but we’re both still processing it. It may take a couple more viewings to catch everything we might have missed the first time.

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3. Wreck-It Ralph

When E and I first saw this trailer, we knew that we would definitely be seeing this film. A movie about a video-game villain who wants to change his life and reputation by becoming the good guy? We’re all for it! I especially like that all types of video games are represented, since there are many more ways to enjoy them than just the terrifying first-person shooter. I can’t wait!

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4. Skyfall

James Bond is back again? While I wasn’t a huge fan of Quantam of Solace, I still have high hopes for this next film in the franchise. 50 years of Bond will not go unnoticed. Plus, Adele’s theme song just oozes cool.

I will mention that I will probably end up seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2 and that the trailer actually looks good. But, I was so upset with Stephanie Meyer for how she ended Breaking Dawn that I am still getting over it. And maybe an actual battle will make me forgive the whole Twilight saga. Maybe.

I was originally going to include December movies, too. But it seems like my list is getting too long! Look forward to another post about December movies next month.


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