Compliments To…

I couldn’t really figure out what to write about today. So, I turned to the BlogHer NaBloPoMo prompts. Today’s prompt is “Talk about the last compliment you received.”

This is kind of weird because I don’t really bank all the compliments I’ve ever received in my head. I think the last compliment I remember was pretty superficial. A lady at the grocery store stopped me in line a couple of weeks ago, and asked me where I got my skirt. I told her it was from The Limited and she said that it was very flattering on me. I’ve been pretty self-conscious about my weight lately and I thought it was so nice of her to say something to me, a complete stranger, about my skirt. And that skirt has certainly made its way into regular wardrobe rotation. I wore it today in fact.

Wide-Waistband Pencil Skirt from The Limited $59.90

Since this is my blog, I do truly appreciate when people like the way I write or what I write about. One of my friends, who I highly respect, recently told me that she wished my posts about books were longer because she really liked how I reviewed my books. I thought that was very nice, and it gave me the confidence boost I needed to keep writing whenever I do finish a book.

Now that I think about it, I actually find this prompt quite interesting. I think it’s been ingrained in me to not take compliments well. But whoever gives the compliment is being nice. They want to show appreciation for whatever it is they’re complimenting you on, even if it is your taste in clothing. I take care to look nice for work, so why not accept a compliment about it? Or, I take time to write out my blog posts, so I shouldn’t have any trouble when someone likes it. It probably doesn’t hurt to give a compliment once in a while either. I’m sure that person will act humbly, but will appreciate your taking notice.

image source

How do you take compliments? Do you think you could give a couple more away a day?


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  1. I try to give people compliments a lot, especially because I’ve been hitting a lot of networking events recently, and it’s an easy way to start a conversation. And because pretty much everyone I encounter has cute shoes!

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