I love Sunday.

Sunday is me time. Saturday is usually very busy, either with a work event, or something social that has been planned months in advance. But Sunday is my day to do whatever I want. It usually starts off fairly quiet. I wake up at least a couple of hours before E. So, I make a cup of tea, read, or peruse the blogs. That is the extreme of me time. It’s so quiet and I love the thinking time.

Recently, every Sunday, we have had a full breakfast together. We don’t usually get to eat breakfast together because I’m rushing out the door to work and he’s trying to stay asleep while I clatter around. But every Sunday, we have this time together. And I love it. It’s definitely something I want to keep going enough that it becomes one of our “things.”

The rest of the day is usually very flexible. Sometimes, I have Disneyland plans, like I do today. And sometimes, I go out window shopping, grocery shop, or we go see a movie. I like that it’s mostly open and I have that day to decompress and prepare myself for Monday, although Monday is never easy.

Do you get a day for you? What day is it? And what do you like to do?


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