Blitzing Out

When I first got an iPhone, the first game I got was Bejeweled.

I loved playing it, but I especially loved the Blitz mode. It’s one-minute rounds and connected to Facebook so you can compete with other people! And I am competitive and have instant gratification issues, so this is perfect.

The problem was I got really into it, and couldn’t stop playing. So I had to quit because my hand would automatically go to the Bejeweled app on my phone whenever I had free time or didn’t have free time. Last week, my friend at work was playing it on our lunch break, and I remembered how fun it was. Now, here I am, one week later, and I hold a high score of 699,000 points and can’t. stop. playing! It’s so addictive and kills so many brain cells. But it’s also so shiny and fun! I’m going to have to quit soon or I’ll give myself some muscular issue with my thumb.

Of course, I don’t think E notices much because he got Halo 4 delivered to our door last week, and I think he might be going through a similar situation. He’s currently yelling at people he’s never met about how badly they work as a team.

Any video games or iPhone games get you glued to your phone? How do you take breaks or peel yourself away?


One response

  1. I get addicted to the weirdest iPhone games! Fruit Ninja captured my attention for far too long… I played Plants vs. Zombies forever… but I am staying away from Bejeweled so I don’t get sucked in to that one, too.

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