My Nook

“Where is your favorite place to read?” BlogHer asked that today.

We’ve moved a few times, but my requirements for a good place to read are: A place to sit up straight, somewhere to stretch out my legs or tuck them under me, well-lit, and cozy.

Thankfully, our furnished apartment came with the perfect reading nook.

It’s pretty perfect, except it is next to the TV station where Halo 4 currently reigns as the #1 entertainment source in our home.

So, my actual favorite place to read at home is:

I sit up against the arm rest with my cup of tea on Sunday mornings and read for a couple of hours. I also blog in this spot, and claim it for TV watching.

It’s my spot.

I will make sure that wherever we live, I can carve out a little spot for reading, writing and quiet time.

I love reading nooks. Please let me know what you like for your reading space.


One response

  1. I always wanted a reading nook, so when I first moved out on my own I insisted on having a fluffy sofa for that purpose. That sofa was never used for anything but storing things on it and occasionally letting guests sleep on it. Because my favourite reading nook has alway been and will maybe always be my bed with the bedspread on. I have moved three times, and had three more sofas, but still I like the comfort of being able to read on four sides, with or without a blanket and having the option of head on arm or head down. Or actually laying the book in an inversed L on my face to read the opposite page… yes, my fiance laughs about that too.

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