#WeVerb12: Stay

How did you stay in the moment this year?

I am a planner. I am not good at sitting and enjoying the now. I am always looking ahead, hoping for stability, for control, and for the next best thing. But this year, with so many twists and turns, I learned that there was no point in missing today because tomorrow isn’t set in stone. Very little in life is set in stone exactly how you plan it. Or at least in my life, it isn’t.

This year, to stay in the moment, I really focused on the idea that today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow. I stopped worrying so much. I still worry a lot, but I realized all I can do is take life one day at a time. This idea didn’t settle in until the later part of the year. Before we got married, I worried about all the things that might happen after we got married. And none of those things happened. In fact, sort of the opposite happened. Right now, we’re still in Southern California. We’re still close to our families and still in a place of transition. Transition time may last a long while, but I’ve realized that transition isn’t so bad. Transition allows us to be a little more spontaneous.

So, I hope to continue staying in the moment. I have all of December to look forward to. I don’t have to pick furniture or worry about a long commute. And these things currently make me happy. There are so many things I could or could not be doing right now. I like what I am doing today. Tomorrow could be totally different.



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  1. I am a total worrier, and transitions make me nervous, so I feel where you’re coming from with this! I think your ‘one day at a time’ mantra is fantastic, and something I should try out. 🙂

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