#WeVerb12: Experiment

What did you do in 2012 that you had never done before? Will you do it again?

Oh, man. 2012 was all about new things for me. We got married. I was promoted. We went ziplining and spelunking in Costa Rica. I started blogging on a more public forum. I finished a half-marathon. I traveled a lot more.

I guess I’m going to approach this in list form, because, yet again, I can’t choose just one.

  1. Get married: We sort of did this twice, and I would do it again. I loved planning a wedding, and I know that we’ll never have a wedding again, but I hope that I can help coordinate some weddings in the future. I think that’s something that I could do well and that I would enjoy.
  2. Promoted: Gosh, I hope I do well enough to be promoted again. I really like my job even more now, so I’m hoping that it continues to be a positive thing for me.
  3. Ziplining: I would totally do this again. Vacation makes me a little more adventurous than normal. So, if given the opportunity again, I would totally do it. But there are so many more adventurous things that I would like to try before I repeat this one.
  4. Spelunking: Maybe not a repeat activity. This involved a lot more bravery and physicality on my part, but I’m glad I did it once. I just don’t fancy myself getting down into any more wet caves with bat poop and mysterious creepy crawlies. Plus, I’m still not sure I came away unscathed.
  5. Blogging: I still really like blogging. Whether it’s popular or not is not really up to me. Weddingbee has given me a lot more confidence in blogging, but I hope to move away from reliving my wedding and focus on my current life a little more. But if I can keep going with planning weddings, maybe I can keep the wedding blog going as a planning portfolio and an inspiration blog.
  6. Half-Marathon: I haven’t run since that half. But if I trained better, I might try it again. I really liked the Disney half, and hope I can do it again next year.
  7. Traveling: I think I could get used to traveling alone. What’s nice about my job is that you never really travel alone. All my colleagues have a network of friends that they travel with and plan activities with. This year, I just started making those friendships, so I hope that we can cultivate them and build a lot more around our work trips next year. But I hope I can convince my husband to come with me on one of these trips next year. That would be the one thing I change. And also I hope that Virgin America adds more cities to their routes because I really liked flying with them.

This year has been so full of new experiences, and I am so excited to keep most of them going in the next year!



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