#WeVerb12: Triumph

How were you challenged by a project or goal this year? What did you learn from it?

I am constantly reassessing myself and my goals. First, I had my New Year’s Resolutions and then, I added my 25 Before 25 List, which I should really share my progress on. There was the whole job thing that I shared with you all. I certainly blogged more and found that fulfilling. But in a year of so many ups and a few downs, I don’t know exactly what to say in this moment. I guess the triumph was nothing tangible. It was an acceptance of today. I talked about it a little bit before in my “stay” post. But I still get stumped by the goal to stay in the moment. It’s so easy to get ahead of myself and just lose my mind because it’s not all happening. I have learned that the more tangible goals may lead to the bigger picture ones, and I have learned that I am always going to be working on it. 

I have more tangible goals set out in my 25 Before 25 list for 2013. Some of them terrify me, but most excite me. Ask me this question next year, and I hope to have a very different answer.



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