#WeVerb12: Spend/Save

Are you richer or poorer this year, compared to last year?

I am not necessarily richer this year, but this past month, I have put together a plan and goals for the money I am earning. I’m pretty lucky to have gotten out of private school with a less-than-debilitating amount of student loans. So, my main focus is to cut down on those. Of course, I’m not some sort of financial guru. I still really like to go shopping, but I have worked on really being conscious about what I am buying. I set myself budgets with Mint and think very hard about whether I will use what I am eyeing in the store. Because this month is about giving, I made this month my month of not buying shoes, clothes or books for myself. At first, I thought December would be a difficult month to do this in, but it’s actually really easy to just focus on my friends and family for the holidays. So, even though I don’t necessarily have more money this year, I feel like I have a better handle on where it’s going. I think this is another question that will have a much better answer next year.



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