#WeVerb12: Soak

What have you soaked in this year? (Baths, sun, ideas?) How did it affect your mentality?

 This might sound strange, but I think I soaked in the Internet this year. I became a more active participant and a more intent reader on the Internet. I used to simply have my email up and check Facebook occasionally (or more than that). Yes, I blogged, but I really wasn’t so focused on what my content was and what sort of readership I had. This year, I put a lot more effort into blogging. I became a more active participant in a couple of online forums. I added 30 or more blogs to my Reader, and probably post a comment once or twice a day on other blogs. With weverb12, I’ve found even more blogs I like. Blogging is something I do for me, but it certainly is nice to have an audience. As far as my mentality goes, I think I have struck a good balance between blog life and real life. I’ve also found that there are many other people who think like I do, and have certain quirks that I have. That makes me feel less nutty sometimes, and that is comforting. Blogging reminds me to take in all the moments, because writing them down allows me to relive it. 



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