#WeVerb12: Exercise

How did you live actively in 2012? What will you change in 2013?

I didn’t really live an active lifestyle this year. I tried to start it off actively with a half-marathon, but that didn’t go as well as planned. I got bogged down by wedding planning, commuting, and work. After the wedding, I went straight into working. These are not excuses. They are simply facts.

We did some active things, like hiking and spelunking, but they were exclusive to vacation. I need to make an effort to make these more regular events in 2013. The first thing I’m going to do is change up my morning routine. I have time now to work out in the morning without sacrificing a ton of sleep. I’m also going to try to implement some of the workouts that are floating around Pinterest, like the barre method and ab workouts. My 25 Before 25 list has a goal of losing 15 pounds by September, so I’m going to make it happen.

There really is nothing more to say about the fact that I need to get my butt in gear. I’ll have to be more mindful of my foot, and implement different techniques, but I am looking forward to getting my stress levels back down and I’m also looking forward to getting outdoors more, which I think E will really appreciate.

My last goal is to get back into half-marathon training. I may not run another one by my birthday, but I hope I can do one again.

Do you have any tips to help me get back into an active lifestyle?



One response

  1. Get buddies!! I find that it’s easier to keep it going when you have support from others! It’s almost like you feel accountable for your own goals when you share them with others. I really hope to find a weight-loss/exercise buddy or two this year.

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