#WeVerb12: Give

What was the best gift you gave someone this year?

This year, we had to cut back a little on the gift-giving front, which was difficult for me during the shopping season. I always want to give more, but I knew I had to stick to a tight budget, and get the most bang for my buck that I could.

The presents that we worked hardest on and really cared about giving this year were wedding albums for our parents. They both contributed so much to our weddings, that I wanted them to have a keepsake as well. At first, it seemed a little selfish and even cliché. I wasn’t expecting much reaction. But both sets of parents were really happy with them, and it was fun to walk down the short memory lane with them. My mom even started showing it off to everybody at the party. We chose to make our albums through Adoramapix, who have nice options for square, leather-bound books. I worked very carefully on the layout and E helped me whittle down to the best of the best photos that would give a good glimpse at the day without becoming too long.

Photo books are such a great and personal gift and I will be sure to keep that in mind for future gifts. With Pinterest and other great websites, there is access to many other creative ideas as well. Maybe next year, I can get into that creative spirit a little more.



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