Oh, 2013, What?

This new year certainly started with a bang (story to come), and just kept rolling. I can’t believe we’re 2 weeks into 2013, and I haven’t posted yet.

I didn’t know how I wanted the first post of the year to go. Usually, I start with a goal list, but since the 25 Before 25 list exists, I don’t see any point to add onto it. That could be a recipe for a crazy breakdown. Participating in WeVerb12 definitely helped me reflect on 2012, so there was no need to do one reflection post. I haven’t finished a book yet, so it couldn’t be a book review either.

So, what does that leave me with? For right now, not much. Easing into 2013 is no longer an option, so I’m just going to keep rolling with it. And I’m sure I’ll have something to say soon. And hopefully more pictures, because that is probably a goal I should add to my list that won’t hurt. 😉


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