Book Review: Gathering Blue

After reading The Giver, I just wanted to get my hands on another Lois Lowry book, and Gathering Blue is the second in The Giver Quartet.

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I can understand why it’s not called a series and merely a quartet. The expectation is that we would find out more about what happened to Jonas and Gabriel. It’s an entirely different story, though. It takes place in a different time. Everyone has their place and job, like The Giver, but it’s much less comfortable. People who are deformed or disabled in any way are not accepted. Kira, protected by her mother, survived being eliminated at birth because of her deformed leg. When her mother dies, Kira must prove that she is useful to their society. Her abilities with thread and weaving impress the Council enough to let her stay on as the seamstress of the Singer’s robe. The robe depicts all of their society’s history. Suddenly, Kira is well taken care of and has a respectable place in society.

As she lives in the Council’s building, Kira learns much about her craft, but also much about the society she lives in. With her helpful little friend, Matty, and the carver of the Singer’s staff, Thomas, Kira finds out that both art and freedom come at a high price.

All in all, I was disappointed in Gathering Blue. The last third of the book redeemed the story, but the pace was much slower than The Giver. Besides the fact that the story didn’t continue from The Giver, it also wasn’t as interesting. I will continue to read the rest of the quartet, but I will sneak them in between some of my heavier reads.

I rate this book a 2/5.


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  1. I agree that the last third of the story redeemed the book. I had a hard time getting through it because the pace was so slow and because I had loved The Giver so much. By the end of Gathering Blue I decided that I wanted to read the other two books as well.

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