25 Before 25: Learn to Ski

Number 6 on the 25 Before 25 List was to learn how to ski. E grew up skiing with his family, and I knew how important it was to him that I learn. And, you guys, I am walking the fine line of overdramatizing how terrified I was of skiing. I have a few idiosyncrasies, but falling down slopes is actually one of my biggest fears. I know it sounds weird, but I hate falling in general, and it’s just much easier to do when you’re going downhill. So, I don’t know if you know anything about skiing, but it’s basically putting yourself in the position to fall downhill ALL. THE. TIME. So, yeah, leading up to the trip, I was in between psyching myself up for the trip, and realizing how terrified I was over and over again that I worked myself up into tears. It was not pleasant.


Before my first lesson

Thankfully, I was encouraged to take two full days of lessons. And you know, I was so horrible the first day that the teacher sent the other lady to the more advanced class and worked with me until she thought falling was out my system. But I went back the next day, and after driving the Swiss expert ski instructor crazy in 30 minutes, he dumped me on the nicest instructor ever. And I actually started to not stink at skiing. I went super slowly, and I only fell once… per run.

After two days of lessons, I got to ski with E and his parents, which was what the whole point of the trip was. And so, in short, the days progressed like this: I started off pretty well. I progressed to intermediate runs. I would do ok on those with E sweetly encouraging me. We would lose his parents because I was so slow. And then I would end the day with some fall that I couldn’t get up from. And then we’d drink wine and watch Homeland (awesome show, BTW). And I’d still suit up the next morning (Repetitio mater memoria est*). 


Woolly and me

Once I got better and more comfortable, I started to enjoy it. It helped that there were no crowds and the weather was beautiful. It helped that everyone I was with was encouraging and didn’t push me beyond what I was comfortable doing. And it helped that nobody got really bored doing the same runs over and over again. I really have to thank my in-laws for taking us on a great trip. And I have to thank E for his patience.


And will I do it again? Yes. Am I less scared of falling down slopes? Eh. Not really.

* Latin phrase “Repetition is the mother of memory.”


One response

  1. You’re convincing me to maybe try skiing again! I went once when I was in grade school, and I didn’t like it because the boots hurt and I hate being cold. I didn’t make it down the bunny hill even once without falling, but I still remember enjoying the actual skiing part, so maybe now that I’m not a kid anymore I should give it a try!

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