The Best Book Club Ever

I once heard that the only thing that made book clubs last was the wine.

Well, my best friends and I decided to kick that up a notch. We don’t get to see each other often and we all love to read. So, Bestie C came up with this idea for us to each select a book for annual book club. We would read our books and all meet for a vacation weekend to hang out, drink wine, and talk about our books.

So, we all selected our books (which I will review next week), and then worked on our weekend away.

Since it is our first annual Bestie Book Club Weekend, we decided to go big.

image via

image via

And if the location isn’t enough, guess what our special activity will be? My life is about to get one step closer to being complete.

image via

image via

CELINE DION! Celine Dion! I am so excited. Besides my regular belting of “All By Myself” and “The Power of Love” at karaoke outings, I grew up listening to Celine Dion with my parents. Even my friend who didn’t think she was a big Celine fan said she shed tears at the show. So, yeah, I’m excited.

We’re on our way this weekend! Coming up next week will be the reviews of our book club books.

Does anyone else do similar little book clubs? Any concerts you’re looking forward to?



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