A Few Fluffy Book Reviews

Sometimes, I just need an easy girly read. It’s summer! The beach read isn’t limited to the beach. Here are a few I’ve just read.

wedding night

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Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella – It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Sophie Kinsella. She’s my favorite chick lit author, and while I enjoyed this book, I didn’t find it as side-splittingly funny as Kinsella’s previous books. With two heroines, it seems that the redeeming qualities and the silly qualities got split up between the two ladies and kind of fell flat. I still found the book funny, but I think there was too much going on between all the plot lines to get one great story out of it. 3/5

saving ceecee

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Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman – This was a quick read for me that was reminiscent of The Secret Life of Bees. CeeCee’s life changes entirely after losing her mother in an accident. She moves to Savannah with her great-aunt, and is immediately surrounded by some eccentric characters. While I found it similar to The Secret Life of Bees, I didn’t find it as strong. The charmed life that CeeCee had found herself in just seemed a little too sugary sweet. Again, I gave this book a 3/5.

the smart one

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The Smart One by Jennifer Close – Close’s sophomore novel explores life after those first few post-college years. there are four women in the Coffey family and we learn the story from each perspective. Life is hard, guys. This book is the epitome of first world problems. Every character has a home, a job (or a valid reason not to work), food, and even the luxury to choose what’s next in life for them. I guess that’s all to say it was a mildly entertaining read, but it’s hard to hear people complain about problems that aren’t problems. 2/5


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Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple – This was a book recommended by one of my Weddingbee friends. Through emails, we find out that Bernadette Fox is a recluse who once had a successful career in architecture in Los Angeles before moving to Seattle with her genius husband. Their brilliant daughter, Bee, has the perfect amount of cynicism and optimism from her parents, and decides that she wants to go to Antarctica as her reward for doing exceptionally well in school since kindergarten. Preparations for the trip drive Bernadette to extreme anxiety, and she disappears. This book was hilarious. It grabbed my attention and I found myself wanting to befriend Bee and her weird mom. It’s a great satire on this technological world, and the race to be the perfect, nurturing, involved parents. 4/5

Are there any beach reads you’re looking forward to this summer? What kind of fluff reads do you enjoy?



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  1. I had no idea Sophie Kinsella had a new book out!!! I’m apprehensive given your review of it, but I’m reading it anyway! I love nothing more than a good Sophie Kinsella book. I wish she could write faster hahaha

    • Jess, really?! If you’re going to start, I think the Shopaholic series is fun, but if you don’t want to get in that deep “Can You Keep a Secret?”, “I’ve Got Your Number”, and “Twenties Girl” are all stand-alone books that are some of my faves of hers! But really, I love all of her books, so I think you can’t go wrong.

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