Celebrating a Year of Marriage in San Diego

E and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last month! In lieu of gifts, we decided to go on a trip to San Diego together. We were both itching to get out of town, and San Diego seemed like the perfect place to do some new things and relax.

On our way down, we stopped at the San Diego Safari Park, which neither of us could remember going to before. Of course, the only reason we were going were the giraffes (!!!), but we also got to see lots of other animals, including but not limited to gorillas, antelope, zebra, bats, and several birds and smaller animals. I think it’s really cool that this park is not a zoo, but an active and innovative animal preserve. After a fun day with the animals, we went to Stone Brewery, a locally famous brewery and restaurant that has gorgeous gardens and several options for dining on their grounds.

safari park



Our hotel was a welcome sight after hours of driving and walking around in some warm temperatures. I had read that the Courtyard in Downtown used to be the historic Bank of San Diego and that their meeting rooms were housed in the old bank vaults. The next morning, we wandered around some of the special rooms, and were thoroughly impressed, although, I think I would be scared to be in of those meeting rooms for hours!



June gloom was in full force, so when we realized it was too cold to go to the beach, we decided to visit the Maritime Museum. I hadn’t ever been to a maritime museum before, but E said it was the most impressive one he’s been to. They had five or six vessels that you could walk around and learn specifically about. The two best ships were the Star of India, which was an actual freight ship in the late 19th century and the HMS Surprise, which was featured in the movie Master and Commander. I will confess that I often get burned out at museums, but there was a good combination of interactive exhibits, history, and variety, which made this one of the better museums that I had been to in a long time. After enjoying that museum, we took a break in our hotel room before dinner. I turned on the TV, and guess what was playing? Master and Commander. How could we not watch it? After the movie, we went to the BEST pizza place in Little Italy, Filippi’s Grotto. My love for pizza runs deep. And this one is on the top of my list.



The highlight of our trip, which may sound cheesy to some, was Sea World! Neither of us had been in at least 10 years. E loves marine life. He always has. I think E was able to identify 90% of the animals we saw, or at least identify the type and major characteristics. He was like a kid in FAO Schwarz. We also both noted that the showmanship has improved a lot since we were kids. I wasn’t sure we would have as much fun as we did when we were kids, but I think we can safely say, we both had enough fun to rival our childhood experiences. And I’m saying that as someone who got drenched on a ride. I really thought I was too old for that.

sea world


We headed home the next day feeling like we could use another day down in SD, but feeling so thankful that we had a great trip with lots of time together. San Diego was a great place for a four day trip, and I’m sure we’ll visit again soon.

Have you been on any little vacations lately? Did you participate in the standard tourist fare or mark your own unbeaten path?

This city counts as a new city for both of us together, so this trip marked off one of my 25 Before 25 items! Woohoo!


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