A Quarter Century, Part 1

I turned 25! 2 weeks ago, but still. That week was so eventful that I couldn’t leave the blog friends hanging on how I celebrated my birthday.

This birthday was a little different for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that on my actual birthday, I was out of town. Work sent me to Philadelphia for a networking conference. Because it was my birthday, I asked E to come with me. I thought he would enjoy the sights and the city, and I wouldn’t be alone on my birthday. Win win. I’ll talk about the other different birthday thing in my next post.

While I didn’t get much of a chance to visit Philadelphia, E literally went to town. He explored many places, and figured out the SEPTA public transit system. He also found the places he wanted to show me when I had time to meet him so that we wouldn’t waste much time a-wanderin’.

Philly Part 1


We were fortunate to stay within walking distance of landmarks such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. When I had some time off, it was easy to check something off my list and run into something interesting while we were at it. Philadelphia’s City Hall is a very ornate building and has a lot of beautiful details that E got to see on his tour of the building. And with the heat, ice cream (the one pictured is from The Franklin Fountain) was always a good idea. E really liked all the old banks. The second (or first?) one in the United States is pictured in the bottom left.

On our last day, our flight wasn’t until 5:30, so we had time to get a look at more of the city. E planned out every minute of the three hours we had and we took off! Our first stop was the tour at Independence Hall and Congress Hall.



The top photograph is a panoramic shot of the room where the Declaration of Independence was agreed upon. The bottom photograph is the room where the Senate met on the upper floor of Congress Hall. It was really cool to see these places. I think, no matter what you believe about today’s government, you can understand that what the Founding Fathers did in these rooms was admirable, and took a great deal of thought and courage. The whole tour takes about 45 minutes combined, and is free!

Philly 4


With just two hours left, E raced me down Benjamin Franklin Parkway. From City Hall, where we stepped off the subway, we hustled down the street that had many beautiful buildings and statues, but most notably, ended with a grand statue of William Penn and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, made famous by the Rocky films, where he ran up all those steps (I did not.). There was, of course, the LOVE sign. And E made sure that I got to see the Map room in the Public Library, which was gorgeous. The last photo in the right corner shows how far we walked. We started at that little white tower in the way back center of the photo. I wish I could say that this walk was pleasant, but it was 98 degrees outside with more humidity than I had ever experienced. Back at the hotel, we changed quickly into dry clothes before jumping into a shuttle to the airport and saying bye to birthplace of our nation. This was a very fun way to celebrate my birthday and spend time with E.

Have you ever gone to a new city for your birthday? Did you manage to see all the sights in your limited time somewhere?



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