A Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Just like everyone right about now, I’m thinking of what to give to my friends and family for Christmas. I thought it would be fun to put together a holiday gift guide for people who love books without breaking your budget or guessing at a few titles you think they’d like and haven’t read yet (even though book shopping is my favorite kind of shopping!).

mockingjay ornament

image source

Mockingjay Ornament, $12

If you have any Hunger Games fans in your life, I’m sure they’d appreciate a new ornament for their tree, or something to hang on their pin board throughout the year. The price isn’t too bad either. There are lots of options on Etsy, but I was attracted to this one because of the handiwork involved.

book journal

image source

Moleskine Book Journal, $16

I was gifted this notebook a couple of year ago, and I love jotting down notes about books I’ve read or recommendations I’ve gotten. It’s nice to have something to look back on when I’m starting reviews or trying to search in my brain’s recesses for the titles of that one book. I also like the few pages that have prompted question about a certain title. It helps me look at the story in a new light.

tequila mockingbird

image source

Tequila Mockingbird, Cocktails with a Literary Twist, $14

For those who like to imbibe and to read, this book is a great gift with recipes for beverages that have been given literary names. The reviews say that the descriptions of the drinks and how they’re related to their titles are reason enough to get the book!

hp snuggie

image source

 Gryffindor Banklet with Sleeves, aka Harry Potter Snuggie, $25

Um, I don’t know about you, but I think it would be awesome to curl up in a fleece backwards robe that looked like a Gryffindor cloak, and able to hold up my book while keeping my arms warm. Also, if I were reading Harry Potter, I could totally feel like one of the students. There’s an alarming number of Harry Potter accessories available in the world. I think the Snuggie might be one of the more practical ones.

art deco

image source

Saffron Deco Bib, $36

The Gatsby and general Fitzgerald lovers in your life are probably wishing they could bring a little more of the Roaring 20s into their lives, and what better way than with jewelry reminiscent of that era? The color combo makes it more modern, but the structure is very art deco. Plus, what girl doesn’t love an awesome statement necklace?

book buddy

image source

Book paperweight, $65

This gift gets an honorable mention, because it’s a little pricey and you have to pay for shipping from Japan. This is a great idea though. You’re eating cereal and you just want to read, but it’s hard to get the book pages to lay flat while you try to guide cereal into your mouth. This eliminates that issue, except for when you need to turn the page. This would also be a great gift for the cookbook enthusiasts, as they could actually keep the cookbook open while they work on dinner.

the girl

image source

A good book, $7 to $25

And the plain and simple choice is always a book. Like I said earlier, I love shopping for books, but even more now, I love shopping for books to give to people so that we can talk about new reads. Christmas is a nice time for it, too, because you’ve read some great books this year and you want to share. Last year, my friends and I started a mini book club with the agreement that we get together at least once a year to discuss the books we sent each other at Christmas. This year, we went to Las Vegas. Next year, we’re continuing the tradition, and The Girl You Left Behind is my pick. I don’t know where we’re going yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing my two best friends and discussing one of my favorite things!

I hope this guide helps you out, or at least gave you a good laugh. Are there any book lovers on your list that you’re having a hard time finding a gift for? Let me know!


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