December Reviews and a Review of December

It seems that I failed to read much at all in the month of December. I only finished two books, but I think the fun I had every weekend in December definitely makes up for it!

image via

image via

The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

Earth’s rotation has slowed, making days and nights last unpredictably long without any indication of how the day will go. Julia, a pre-teen in San Diego, must deal with the normal angst of middle school, while at the same time, worrying about the progression of days. She must manage her mother’s anxiety, and figure out what her father is up to. The book is sort of science fiction. It reminded me of some of Ray Bradbury’s short stories, speaking of how life goes on oddly after a dramatic change. I’m not an expert, but I do think some of the science was off. I wasn’t completely hooked by the tale, but it was an interesting read. 3/5

last letter

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The Last Letter from your Lover by JoJo Moyes

After loving Me Before You and The Girl You Left Behind, I saw that Moyes had written a book a couple of years ago. I found The Last Letter from your Lover at the library, and I completely fell in love with it. Moyes has a very special way of telling stories, even a story you may have heard before. If you enjoyed the film An Affair to Remember, you will probably enjoy this story about two young lovers whose situations could never perfectly line up for them to be together. Memories lost, lies told, and miscommunication all play into this love story. Once I started, I just couldn’t stop! And those are the best stories, I think. 5/5

In other news, the month of December comes with a bunch of holiday parties and fun times. Here’s a smattering of what we did this month.

HP Party

We attended a Harry Potter Party! Complete with Mandrake cupcakes and the Great Hall’s ceiling! I’m sure you can guess who E and I were.

2nd week

We made it to Disneyland, which is always a magical place at the holidays, and I participated in my first Ugly Sweater Party, but Pinterest told me that a tree skirt might win. They were right!


I was able to successfully make a Pinterest craft, and the Rein-beers really made my FIL smile. I was also in charge of Christmas games this year, and I found the Tissue Paper Christmas trees and Blind-folded Gift Wrapping to be very easy to put together and fun! The family had a great time, but now the pressure is on for New Year’s Minute to Win It! I had to add in a picture of all the presents under our tree, because we only get to keep them there for a day or two before they go off to other trees. You may also notice that this year, we put our Christmas cards on our tree. It’s a nice way to celebrate all the friends and family we have. And I’m proud to say, we almost filled our tree with cards!


Happy Holidays from us to you!

And in case you’re wondering, the mustache has been shaven off as one last Christmas gift to me. (Just kidding. not really.)


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