A Summer Update

Again, I’ve been absent for a while. It does seem that my wishes for 2014 have come to fruition in full swing this summer. To recap, E started a new job in March. His commute was horrendous, so we moved across the city, and I became a patron of public transportation.

Well, I have even more news!

1) We celebrated our second anniversary. We kept it pretty low-key. We had mangomosas and pancakes at home the day before, and went out to dinner on the actual evening of our anniversary. It was kind of perfect.

2) My time on the Metro was short-lived. This month, I started a new position! It’s closer to home, and pretty close to where E works. So, we get to carpool on occasion, which has been nice. Although, E told me this evening that he almost forgot to pick me up. Ummmm. Please don’t forget me!

3) Our biggest news, though, happened in between the other two events, but has been the biggest change in our lives, thus far. I would like to introduce you all to our newest family member:


On our anniversary, we spoke a little more seriously about getting a dog, and within a few weeks, we were meeting this little guy and making plans to bring him home. I’m so happy he’s with us! He has a great personality, is mellow most times, but can also be an unstoppable force of energy depending on his mood. He’s really smart, too, which is impressive, but also terrifying. We love him, and I just melt when he curls up next to me and rests his head in my lap. It’s been a learning experience and adjustment for both E and me. I’m glad we waited some time to figure out which dog would fit into our lives. We are still trying to figure things out, but we’re so happy. And his cute face doesn’t hurt either.

So, that’s an update of my life completely derailing my blog.

Have you had a summer of big change?


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