When All the Holds Come In

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the library and left with this pile.

personal image

personal image

Obviously, I was very excited to dive into these books, but I had just walked away with a similar pile the week before. So, how do I handle this situation?

Well, I know that some of these books are in high demand and I will likely not be able to renew them, so I start there. I also realize that even though many others have liked these books, I may not. That allows me the freedom to just stop reading books that aren’t really catching my fancy and put them in the return pile.

And sometimes, I just can’t get to them all or finish the one I really like. I accept defeat and put myself back in the queue to receive it again. Usually, the second time around, it’s even better. I’m thankful for the library system, and how it tests my patience and how it forces me to pace my reading out. But there are some hold piles that are just too big for three weeks and life.

How do you request titles and avoid/deal with this situation?


4 responses

  1. I just get all my books on kindle these days. No waiting for real copies, but that’s because English books are hard to come by in libraries here and darned expensive at the book store.

    • There must be something wrong with my e-reader and the library’s system. The softwares don’t seem to be linking together, which is frustrating, but it’s nice to have the physical books. They remind me that I need to read them.

  2. I’ve had to return books before that I just couldn’t get to quick enough. If I get several at a time, I tend to start either with the shortest book and work my way toward the longer ones, or the one that I most wanted to read. If I have to return the others, fine, I can always get them again. I’ve never had to give a book back in the middle of reading it though — I’ll stay up late and power through to avoid that!

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