Now that E and I carpool to work most days, I don’t really get a chance to listen to an audiobook in the car as much as I used to on my long commutes. A couple of times a week, we drive separately, and that’s when I listen to my new favorite form of audio entertainment: the podcast. Here are a few that have caught my attention.


After the past eight weeks, I don’t think anyone can utter the word “podcast” without thinking of Serial. It is all the rage, a true crime investigation rehashed by Sarah Koenig, one of the writers at This American Life. I caught on to Serial fairly early on, just after the second episode had aired, and I must tell you, I was hooked. Most others have had the pleasure of a binge-listening session with five or six episodes. I have had to agonizingly wait for each week to hear more about the case and then spend the next six days overanalyzing everything I heard. My Thursdays have become days full of anticipation as I try to find a 45-minute window in which to catch these episodes. There is no episode this week of Thanksgiving, so you may want to check it out.


Slate’s Culture Gabfest is great for pop-culture fans like myself. These three Slate editors sit down weekly to discuss topics in music, literature, film, television, and technology. Whether it’s a rousing discussion over Taylor Swift or a fun chat about how emojis are affecting our communication, I enjoy this weekly roundtable of things to notice in pop culture. They also end each show with “endorsements,” recommendations of entertainment to consume. I love it!

I also enjoy Inside the New York Time’s Book Review. Usually, there’s an interview with the author of a book reviewed in the NYT, news in the publishing world and an overview of the bestseller’s lists. I also like This American Life.

I’m also going to give my endorsement for the Podcast app. It’s an extension of iTunes and makes it really easy to listen to these podcasts right from my phone. If you subscribe to a podcast, it will automatically download the newest episodes for you, and if you are having trouble catching up, it won’t download any more when it notices you haven’t been listening to a particular one. Most podcasts are free, too, so it’s worth a shot! Do you listen to any podcasts?


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  1. My favorites are Stuff Mom Never Told You and Pop Culture Happy Hour. I’ve downloaded the available episodes of Serial but haven’t started it yet. I didn’t know that the podcast app will stop downloading them if I don’t get to them fast enough! ACK!

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