Book Reviews: The Legend Series

I recently finished the Legend series by Marie Lu. Since I got all these books so close together, I wanted to review them individually and as a series.

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Right from the beginning, this book caught my attention. The story alternates between two perspectives. Day is an outlaw, living in the streets of a Los Angeles in the distant future. He has run away from his family who live in the poor sector and their home has been marked as having the plague. June Iparis is a star pupil training to be a soldier of the Republic. Her brother is a captain in the army, and they live a comfortable life in the Ruby sector, with their dog, Ollie. When June’s brother is murdered at a crime scene involving Day, their two lives are forever changed and forever linked. June begins working for the Republic and is determined to take Day down, but in meeting Day, her eyes are opened to the Republic’s crimes and how they have affected her family. I loved the back and forth in this story. I also liked the imagery of Los Angeles. I could picture familiar streets that I have often visited. This was an enjoyable read with a lot of quick action. Lu says she was inspired by the relationship between Jean Valjean and Javert in Les Miserables and that led her to write Legend. I could certainly see that connection, and I quickly moved on to Prodigy. 4/5

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June and Day’s story continues as they face a new Elector Primo of the Republic. The Patriots have tasked Day with a huge task in exchange for helping Day’s family. June factors into the plan as a respected darling of the Republic. What they find out leads to more back and forth between the two, and a rift they may not be able to overcome. I don’t know how to talk about this book without giving away much of what happened in Legend. I like that we learn more about the plague, about the Republic’s structure, and a little about the world immediately outside of the Republic. This one moved a little slower for me, but I still enjoyed it. The relationship between June and Day really develops in this story. There’s a little more humor, as well. 3/5


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Day and June have gone their separate ways, but a specific situation has called them back together. Day is assimilating to status, and June is making sure that she can keep Day happy when she asks him to do something she knows he absolutely will not agree to. The world expands a bit further, as we get to find out more about the war and the world beyond North America. Much like Legend, this book is action-packed, with so much happening in just a few days time. I thought this story was the perfect end to the trilogy and ended so perfectly well. I will leave it at that. 4/5

As far as dystopian trilogies go, I think I might have to declare this one a top contender. I can’t decide if I like it more than The Hunger Games yet. They are neck and neck. I definitely like it more than Divergent. The back and forth makes perfect sense. Right away, we have two established voices. They are very different, but their relationship and understanding of each other develops so wonderfully and is continuous throughout the three books. I’m glad I could read them back to back, because there wasn’t a need for a break between them. I’ve heard this is being made into a movie franchise. The characters are very distinct, and I can’t see anyone out in the film industry playing June and Day. Maybe Hailee Stanfield as June, but that’s it as far as current stars go. My hope is that this film becomes an opportunity to launch some newcomers.

Are you over the dystopian trilogy? Or are you still lapping it up like I am?


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