Book Review and Thoughts: MWF Seeking BFF

I heard of MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend by Rachel Bertsche a couple of years ago. I thought the premise sounded great and I stuck it into my “Want to Read” list and didn’t think about it much again. Jill of The Strawberry Blonde Life mentioned it the other day (like four months ago, whatevs) and jogged my memory, so I requested it from the library and devoured the whole thing in two days.

Bertsche moved to Chicago with her boyfriend-turned-husband from New York. She not only left her home, but her network of close friends, including her two BFFs. In noticing that she wasn’t spending time with anyone but her husband and mom (both people she loves and likes very much), she decided she needed to make local friends. The kind of local friends who you can call to get pedicures on a Saturday without a lot of lead time. To achieve this goal, Bertsche decides to go on a friend date with one new person a week. What ensue are Bertsche’s successes, failures, insights into friendship, its importance and thoughts on building a network.

I really connected with this book. My besties and I lived pretty close to each other two years ago. We could call each other at the drop of a hat and be at a wine bar or at karaoke in half an hour. It felt very much like our quiet girls’ version of the raging twenties. Now we live two hours away from each other in opposite directions. It’s not easy to plan things, and often, we’re looking at all day/weekend events. It’s just not easy until we’re together. Then, it’s as if no time has passed, and it’s quickly over. It’s so hard to even write this paragraph. I miss them so much. And that’s not even to mention my greater network of girl friends, all of whom are far away. I’m a girl’s girl and need that interaction just as much as I need quiet nights at home with my husband.

personal photo

personal photo

Even though I loved the book, I definitely had moments of wondering how I could be more friendly and make friends. The community we live in is very family-oriented, and I haven’t seen a lot of young, post-college, pre-children people around. But that doesn’t mean they’re not around. I’m putting feelers out there. I am going to try out a few book clubs to see which one works best. There’s one I really want to get into, but I had to fill out an application and haven’t heard back yet! I’m fun and I really like talking about books! Please like me!

Besides giving me impetus to try and make friends, I want to be friends with Bertsche herself. Her blog is pretty fun, even though it hasn’t been updated recently.

In short, I liked this book and I need new friends. 5/5


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