2015 Highlights

It wasn’t all bad. Yes, it was clouded by some pretty jarring losses, but it wasn’t all bad. I would hate to think that a year had passed and all I remembered was the bad stuff.

In January, we celebrated a close friend’s wedding and our niece’s seventh birthday party. E also went scuba diving and brought home a big lobster tail for us to share and celebrate his birthday.

In February, we moved to a little place with a yard for Pinto and cut our commutes down to something like a jaunt around the corner.

In March, E moved into a new role at work. And he’s great at it!

jan to march

In April, E’s brother graduated from college (where I also went to school), and we had fun being back in our favorite college town.

In May, we went to Maui! It was such a good trip to relax and recharge and reconnect.

In June, we celebrated three years of marriage. Not only did we celebrate our anniversary, but E’s brother got married, and we had a great time at the wedding with family and friends. And Pinto went to the beach for the first time!

apr to jun

In July, I celebrated Eid with my family and one last time with my dad. And our new niece was born!

In August, I got to hang out with Kate. And buy her wine glasses. It was a travesty that she didn’t have any.

In September, I turned 27.

july to sep

In October, I traveled to Oaxaca on a university alumni trip and we experienced and participated in El Dia de Los Muertos. And it was basically the best thing ever. It would have only been better if E was with me. And Adele released “Hello,” which I haven’t stopped singing at all.


In November, Caitlin, Cassandra and I traveled to the Bay Area to help Caitlin shop for a wedding dress. And I obviously can’t show you the picture, but we had a great weekend! I also helped throw a Harry Potter-themed bridal shower, which was ridiculously fun to plan. Also, another new niece was born! And I started grad school. (The jury is out on whether that’s a highlight or not.) And we ate everything at Thanksgiving.

And here we are in December. Pinto turned three this month. I am getting to see lots of family and friends that I’ve been missing this year. And Disneyland at Christmas exists, which I’ve already experienced twice. My sisters and I took our older nieces and nephews for a family trip and collective Christmas present. Then, I got to go a few days later with my mother-in-law as part of our annual tradition. They were two very different trips, but neither less magical than the other. E and I decorated the tree and are enjoying a month of holiday spirit together after a very long fall with limited together time.

end of year This was such a good exercise. Really. I didn’t know if I would find one good thing in a month, but then I found multiple most months! What were some of your highlights this year?


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  1. I loved reading highlights from each month, that is a great idea to reflect on the year. We so often are consumed by the bad of our past, it is nice to remember the good. You had so many good things this year. I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings. 2015 was amazing for me (getting engaged and all…). I soaked up So Cal, filling my weekends with local trips. I am looking forward to slowing down a little in 2016.

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