Book Reviews: Three Weeks, Three Books

In the first weeks of January, I’m usually so exhausted by the holidays that I need some hibernation time. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve used one whole weekend day to just read, as well as making sure I read a little bit each weekday night to get out of my head a bit. I don’t think this is going to last long, but I’ve been enjoying it and three weekends into the new year, I’ve already finished three books.

After You by Jojo Moyes

Lou is back. After Will’s death, she retreated. She traveled as he gave her instructions to, and now she’s in London. She’s a bit aimless, working in an airport bar, and living in an empty flat. One night, she gets into a freak accident that sets the next chapter of her life in motion, whether she’s ready for it or not. I was waiting for a chunk of time to read this. And I may have annoyed my family a little bit on January 2nd as I literally did not move from my spot on the couch as I read the latter half of this book. But it was well worth it for me. Lou is one of my favorite literary characters and I’m so glad Moyes decided to revisit her story. As always, Moyes writes a great story and draws you in with her writing. 4/5

royal we

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

There isn’t much to explain this book. It’s the story of a regular young woman falling in love with a guy who happens to be the heir to the throne of England and all the complications that ensue when you fall in love with the right guy, but to everyone else, you’re not the right girl. This book is candy, delicious and sweet, perfect chick lit. And it was exactly what I needed last week. I loved it, and it’s actually written well, with a good sense of humor and real emotional moments. 5/5

Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty

Lyn, Cat, and Gemma are triplets. Each sister has a distinct personality within the group, and they’ve grown up with dutifully fulfilling each role, while silently hoping they can somehow break away from them to grow a little. Lyn is the goody two-shoes, the organized mother, the successful business woman. Cat has a bit of a wild streak, competitive, and a little mean to her sisters, but also fiercely protective. Gemma is floaty, sweet, and a little bit silly, but hoping to ease tension and appease everyone. As they each struggle with big life changes in their early 30s, they delicately balance who they are within their own lives as well as within their sisterhood. This was another enjoyable read from Liane Moriarty. I love books about sisters, and think Moriarty captures all the feelings that come with being a sister so well. I think there’s only one book left of hers that I haven’t read. I’ll be sad when I’m done because I’ve enjoyed them so much. 4/5

I guess it’s easier to read more quickly when you’re enjoying what you’re reading! I still have quite a few books in my queue, so I hope I can keep my reading streak up, even with the next few weeks of craziness. Have you read anything good lately?


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